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Entry #1


2008-11-23 15:57:04 by White-Carrion

Odd, I've submitted two flashes since I've joined and haven't seen one uploaded.

Dear Diary,

I despise the Audio Moderators and I will have to be the one to hit them with whips and make them hurry.


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2008-11-23 16:15:44

it was blammed to death!!! NOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White-Carrion responds:

Rofl, I would be okay with that if it was at LEAST up for enought time to be blammed. I've submitted a metal song and a vocal version of a song... Waaah.


2008-11-24 10:11:38

be sure to pm me or something when the song comes up

im excited to hear it! :D

White-Carrion responds:

It STILL isn't up... I'm going to contact the mods now.