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Ooooooo, sugar.

2008-11-25 17:54:22 by White-Carrion

Wow... people are so fucking idiotic nowdays... extremely funny, though.

Yeah, so i was really fucking bored so I trekked through youtube to find some funny shit (blame the pot). Well... I would suggest looking up "Invisible robe trick" and "pizza guy hit buy car". I don't know, but omg. Its broad daylight... and you actually take 5 minutes sitting there wondering, "Is that a fucking robe? I don't see anything, hunny...". Oh well.

Well, the news is getting really fucking pathetic. They just ramble on and lie to us instead of telling us the truth... Fuck the media. Yeah, I said it. Fuck all of them.
On a lighter note, I'm apparently sadistic. Yeah yeah, I thought it ment something bad as a kid, too. It really means I just take enjoyment out of others' pain. Like seriously seeing someone get hit by a car makes me laugh hysterically. My perfect partner is a masochist... yay! Anyway.

Muffin Muffin.
Cupcake cupcake.
Go bake me something for fuck's sake.

Has anyone read "Go Ask Alice" the play? i'm trying to find a script or something of it to read. I haven't read it for like 2 years. The play is basically about this girl Alice who wants to be cool so takes drugs... Yeah lame story, but take into account that I can't explain things well. Go read it and find me a site... I keep getting this stupid site where whiny kids go to cry.

Ooooooo, sugar.


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2008-11-25 20:52:29

I miss pot...

White-Carrion responds:

As do most of us... Let us all try to replace it with girlfriends...

And it never works...