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Hell fucking yeah...

2008-11-27 16:31:51 by White-Carrion

Finally... My submissions are up. Now I can redo goodbye serenade because now I don't have a cough problem. I'm just going to take another fucking pic for newgrounds because that one was old. I'll start working on a decent song and I'll make start a flash as well. Finally, I can submit up-to-date work. Odd man out was my first FL Studio experience. I'm going to try to make something along with using my real guitar. If anyone needs vocals for a song or a guitar riff just message me and I'll go crazy with it. I get bored and I prefer adding to others' music to help. Anyway. I'm addicted to System of a Down again so expect anti-govt music. I'm NOT an Anarchist. I just believe we shouldn't have a corrupt as fuck government. Anyway... Rawr?


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2008-11-27 20:57:00


White-Carrion responds:

Here is some extra text since my response wasn't long enough.